The color will not change after one year, it will just fade. If not to do refresh procedure after 1.5-2 years the color will gone at all. We are a high-class qualified team!
Our master has an international certificate in Microblading, Micropigmentation and Permanent makeup. She took first place in international championship in Micropigmentation for eyebrows.
We use only Premium quality pigments, that doesn't change the colour during the time. Our main goal - NATURAL LOOK!
How long does Microblading last?
Microblading effect last 9-15 month depending on skin type. It stays longer on dry skin and less on oily skin. Usually after one year need to do refresh procedure.
Does it change color during the time?
The color doesn't change during the time. In this techniques pigment is implanted not deep into skin, so it is fade only. It will become lighter during the time and if not to refresh it will gone at all after 1.5-2 years.
How long is the procedure?
You need 2 hours for procedure. First we discuss and draw the shape with a pencil. Then apply numbing cream and do the procedure.
Does it hurt?
No, we use very good numbing cream, after it no pain at all.
What is the healing process?
For healing you need 8 days. All this period you need to keep eyebrows out of water. On 5-6 day after procedure there will be peeling. You don't need to remove it. Just after peeling colour will be very light, but will appear next two weeks and also we will add on retouch.
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